our history

My mom likes to tell a story about losing me at the mall when I was 3. Most kids run off to play hide-n-seek in the aisles or find a toy they just had to have, but I went straight to the makeup counter.  My whole life I’ve had a passion for all things beauty, way before I decided to become a licensed professional and make this my career. It’s why I always volunteered to do all my friends’ hair and makeup for prom, why I never let anyone else touch my nieces prior to their beauty pageants and why my daughters don’t leave the house without styled hair and a matching bow.

My team and I absolutely love the industry, we attend hair shows and research new styles, not to get hours to keep a license valid, but because we want to make sure that every one of our clients gets the very best service possible. That is one of the reasons I spent time in NYC studying under Australian mega-stylist Lizzie Liros. She is generally accepted as one of the top special occasion stylists in the world and has styled some of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood and abroad. All her advanced techniques, secrets and tricks have been passed down to me and my team. I do all of this because I know how important beauty is for any special event, and my main goal has always been to make you look your most beautiful while still feeling like yourself.